How to impress a fashionista with a classy gift


Fashion is such a fine topic on every level. Starting from the very manufacturing of the pieces to the actual wear, haute-couture is made to run on. Ladies love to feel beautiful in any sort of expression, and fashion usually helps them in the process of finding a voice, confidence, and also discover their femininity.

When it comes to impressing a fashionista on her birthday, finding the proper gift can be a hassle since it’s hard to tell what are the pieces that will stand the test of time and suit the lady’s fashion choices alike. This article provides you with five classy alternatives to a common gift and might make a lasting impression on your lady. Our list comprises essential elements in women’s wardrobe but with a twist that guarantees uniqueness.

5 fashionable pieces to surprise her

1. Chanel Petite Shopping Tote If the lady is an Haute-couture hoarder, undoubtedly, she’d avidly desire to add another fabulous piece to her collection. Chanel PTS, as it is shortly called, is a medium-size tote bag that gives its bearer a full resonance of elegance and finesse. The model features a wide range of colors, from the classic white and black to more eccentric colors, such as pink. Also, the material ranges from lambskin to metallic and patent finishes. In the vast ocean of Chanel Tote Bag Couture, the PTS is quite an affordable alternative that utters style and class.

2. Heure H Watch Hermes puts forward a chic, timeless, and reasonable to the wallet women’s watch. This is a genuine Swiss watch that gathers the elegance of the French couture high-class brand and the extraordinary quality of the Swiss quartz movement. The H-shaped case is gold-plated, and the numerals are Arabic. The lady’s hand will be elegantly complimented by the leather strap that serves the frame of the watch.

3. Cable Classic Bracelet  Jewelry can not disappoint a woman when you choose a piece that is both elegant and stylish and stands the test of time. The Cable Classic Bracelet by Yurman is a piece of timeless fine jewelry with a flawless, classy finish. The mixture of sterling silver and 18-karat onto the solid piece inspires great power and suits an influential woman.

4. Fendi Silk Scarf  Every romantic woman dreams of the Italian experience of driving in a convertible and have their scarf brandish in the breezy air. A precious silk scarf would certainly bring an extra dose of femininity and tenderness to a lady. Surprise her with an invaluable organic silk scarf and let her explore the delicacy within herself.

5. Travel Ballet Flats by Tory Burch Ballet flats are another expression of femininity and have the advantage of ensuring comfort too. There’s no doubt a fashionista would love a pair of stylish, diamond-quilted leather ballet flats to carry around to her voyage destinations. Tory Burch puts forward a pair of timeless footwear that every lady should have displayed in her dressing room.

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